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Alivi8 Vapouriser

Alivi8 Vapouriser

Alivi8 Vapouriser

Alivi8 Vapouriser

Wholesale ALIVI8 Vaporizer

The Alivi8 vaporizer is completely portable and fits in your pocket. It is simple to use and unlike electronic vaporizers, requires no heat-up time. The unique filtration system cools the vapour for the ultimate smooth medication.

The Alivi8 vaporizer is made from high-quality medical grade stainless steel. It is an extremely durable product that will give you many years of satisfying vaporization

The Alivi8 vaporizer gently heats your plant material. As it does not burn the production of tar and toxic smoke is greatly reduced.

  • Unique cooling system
  • Portable
  • Simple to use
  • Medical grade stainless steel

How to use the Alivi8

Unscrew and load the small internal bowl. Do not overpack as this will impair efficiency and flavour. Screw the bowl back in to the body.

Use a 2.5cm (1 inch) flame at the vape end whilst inhaling from the mouthpiece. For best results it is recommended that an electronic ignition lighter is used.

The flame can be applied in pulses occasionally touching the filter. Control the temperature with the amount of flame applied and the speed of inhalation.

Moving the flame round in a circular motion helps to get more uniform heating. Inhale for about 8-10 seconds. Focus your attention on the flavours and the heat that you inhale. You will be able to tell from the taste and the heat if you are 'overcooking'

Adjust the amount of flame applied and the speed of inhalation accordingly to obtain optimum results.

If you inhale smoke then the temperature is too high. When the correct temperature is achieved you will exhale a slightly visible blue vapour. Stirring the bowl between inhalations with the tool provided will help to achieve a more uniform vaporization.

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