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Wholesale Pipes Glass Pipes, Wooden Pipes and Metal Pipes. Shisha Pipes and Tobacco pipes, we have a full range, including specialist pipes from Silver palm leaf, Red eye including the spliff stick raswell, amazed, bullit, Budbomb, The original proto pipe.

Specialist Pipes
Red Eye Amazed Pipe (Specialist Pipes)
Red Eye Bul-It Pipe - Brass (Specialist Pipes)
Red Eye Bul-It Pipe - Chrome (Specialist Pipes)
Red Eye King Amazed Pipe (Specialist Pipes)
Red Eye Raswell Pipe (Specialist Pipes)
Red Eye Rokit V5 (Specialist Pipes)
Red Eye Splif Stik (Specialist Pipes)
The Silver Palm Leaf (Specialist Pipes)
Peace Pipes
Peace Pipe Smoking Pipe KB-0312 (Peace Pipes)
Peace Pipe 12 inch Churchwarden KB-0324 (Peace Pipes)
Peace Pipe 12inch Smoking Pipe KB-0343 (Peace Pipes)
Peace Pipe 12inch Smoking Pipe KB-0344 (Peace Pipes)
Peace Pipe 15inch Smoking Pipe KB-0405a (Peace Pipes)
Peace Pipe 15inch Smoking Pipe KB-0412 (Peace Pipes)
Peace Pipe KB-02805 (Peace Pipes)
Peace Pipe KB-02810 (Peace Pipes)
Pipe Screens
Brass Screens (Pipe Screens)
Stainless Steel Screens (Pipe Screens)
Steel Screens (Pipe Screens)
Pipe Parts
Aluminium Stems (Pipe Parts)
Anodised Aluminium Stems (Pipe Parts)
Large Anodised Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)
Large Metal Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)
Pipe Cleaners (Pipe Parts)
Rasta Pipe Cleaner Brush (Pipe Parts)
S Shaped Anodised Down Tube (Pipe Parts)
Six Shooter Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)
Small Aluminium Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)
Small Anodised Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)
Small Metal Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)
Soap Stone Bowl HK08 (Pipe Parts)
Soap Stone Bowl HK09 (Pipe Parts)
Soapstone Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)
Various Wooden Bowls (Pipe Parts)
Wood Pipe Bowl (Pipe Parts)

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